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Uncovering Value | Case Study #2

Leading Organizational Alignment Can Feel Like An Uphill Battle for CEOs

Business Profile

Multimillion Dollar Division of a US Conglomerate


During an Annual Securieon Executive Lectures held at Middlebury Institute of International Studies, an attendee of the event, the General Manager and EVP of a division of a US conglomerate shared his concerns with a drop in several products line’s revenues. Despite the US industry demand for products designed to eradicate harmful pathogens affecting medical devices and food, his division was losing market share to the competition.


Large corporations can be fraught with internal politics and departmental silos. The GM realized an alignment issue between division managers who lacked communication on products requiring cross-functional engineering and manufacturing collaboration. After a 3-month division-wide assessment, leadership behavioral study, and market analysis, it became evident the real issues were comfort and complacency.


Securieon’s recommendations included retraining, transfer or terminate selected employees. Securieon began with hands-on leadership training and mentorship to several department heads. Securieon then identified a 180 employee headcount reduction to maximize efficiencies that were implemented over two years. Based on Securieon’s market trend analysis, a recommendation was made to refresh shelved technology and focus on two growing markets; medical devices and select food products for sterilization.


Securieon repositioned the division to execute with a leaner, better-trained management team and focused on expanding into new international markets. As part of the growth strategy, Securieon highly recommended avoiding selling technology to China. As a result, the re-engineering of proprietary equipment was avoided.

Collaboration partners

Securieon retained the following ProVisors resources to participate in the bakery project:

  • Employment Attorney                       
  • Intellectual Property Attorney
  • Ph.D. Organizational Behaviorist     
  • Human Resource Consultant
  • Information Technology Consultant

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