Interim COO Services

As your interim Chief Operating Officer (COO) we become your executive change agent, developing and executing business strategies to meet your personal, professional and business vision and objectives. Often times Founders and Executive leadership are mired in day to day operational issues which mask the real priorities required to execute effectively. Our approach is focused on overall company assessment:  management, strategy, finance, operations, people, assets, technology, and resources to ensure your initiatives are achieved.
Each company is unique in culture which often impacts the acceptance of change required to sustain and scale a business. Our methodology is to assess and develop strategic and operational improvement recommendations that can be measured and accounted for, aligning with your culture. Transparency and an open forum platform allows for constructive feedback required for employees to embrace change.  Aligning and motivating management teams around a common set of goals and expectations is key to becoming a higher performing business.

Interim CFO Services

Chief Financial Officers have a wide range of responsibilities, from cash flow management to financial planning. Many small companies with limited funds can’t afford to hire an experienced CFO and are forced to make do without a core member of their financial team. At Securieon we can help by providing the exact support CFO, the business partner you’re missing, on an interim or part-time basis. We help businesses and organizations of all sizes and industries keep their financial performance on track.
Our interim CFO services provide access to financial experts who focus on your company’s long-term financial strategy. We help you plan and execute a winning formula for financial growth, driving higher company valuations. Our core CFO Interim CFO Services include but aren’t limited to:
  • Creating an effective business strategy and long-term financial plan
  • Generating and tracking detailed annual budgets
  • Improving cash flow and cost control through fiscal management
  • Raising much-needed capital to grow your business
  • Ensuring there’s always enough cash on hand for operational purposes
  • Creating and installing governance and internal controls and performance management systems that will ensure your business is controlled effectively and delivers optimal financial performance
  • Predicting future business trends with short-term and long-term forecasting
  • Getting to the heart of the operations by creating and analyzing financial reports with key performance indictors to inform you and your team and to help make the right crucial operational decisions
  • Helping your company navigate acquisitions and mergers
  • Ensuring integrity in your financial and internal control systems and that all of your financial documents and records are accurate and in order
  • Representing your business during third-party audits

Interim CMO

Securieon offers interim CMO services, which can provide a variety of scalable, strategic and implementation management services to revitalize, build and grow your marketing capabilities. 
  • BrandDiagnosticTM  analysis that examines both product/solution sets; competitive landscape; customer perceptions/interactions; future challenges and opportunities prior to investment
  • Cost containment/budget analysis resulting in savings, reallocation of resources and streamlined services
  • Operations adjustments to create efficiencies into marketing—automation; data analytics; market tracking; segmentation; customer insights
  • Transition team dynamics: restructure process—people and framework; integration across geographies, business units, product lines; link Marketing MBOs to performance indicators and sales P&L
  • Go-To-Market strategies for companies, products and services
  • Manage external teams for creation or revitalization of websites, SEO/SEM, social media, blogs/Vlogs, Video, digital campaigns
  • Product development, market penetration, monetization structure and customer experience leadership
  • Brand creation and transformation into new sales channels; verticals; partnerships; alliances
  • Brand revitalization and repositioning for market relevance
  • Sales enablement and demand generation programs to increase brand awareness, lead maturation, enable sales and close deals
  • Develpment of target audience segmentation and personas for more relevant messaging
  • Product integrations and positioning pre/post acquisitions or divestitures
  • Board advisory

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