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Uncovering Value  |  Case Study #1

A Half-Baked Strategy Led a Family Business to Lose Dough

Business Profile

Multimillion Dollar, Privately Held 3rd Generation Bakery Café


Securieon was introduced to a large wholesale bakery & café headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area by a larger regional banker. The bank requested Securieon to evaluate their client’s business model and determine if the bakery’s request for an additional $2 million loan was warranted.


Family businesses can be challenging to advise on in terms of emotions, lack of decisiveness, a not invented here mentality, lifestyle spending and family disputes. When the banker introduced Securieon to the bakery, the company appeared to lack strategic direction and financial prudence. However, after a 3-month companywide assessment, leadership behavioral study and market analysis, it became evident the real issues were generational complacency and entitlement.


Despite these issues, Securieon provided hands-on leadership to improve the operations of this 500-employee company. We focused on the wholesale market for baked goods, especially fresh frozen, which continues to be a huge potential. Inroads were made with the largest food services companies and grocery chains. The hospitality, entertainment and transportation industry proved to be lucrative markets as well.


Securieon repositioned the bakery for tremendous opportunities to achieve sustainable and scalable growth. Margins were increased by 20%, and revenue growth increased by 15%. The result was a successful sale to a strategic buyer.

Provisor Collaboration Partners

Securieon retained the following ProVisors resources to participate in the bakery project:

  • Employment attorney
  • Human resource consultants
  • 401K/Benefit advisors
  • Collective bargaining attorneys
  • Information technology consultants
  • M&A attorneys
  • CPA firm
  • Innovation adviser
  • Marketing and media team
  • Retail and restaurant consultants

The Securieon Group is a business consulting and management advisory firm that specializes in developing and executing high performance growth strategy for each client.

Our singular professional focus is to provide significant leverage for privately held business owners and stakeholders to achieve their financial, personal, career and liquidity goals. Our hands-on leadership expertise in financial, operational, manufacturing, distribution, marketing and sales results in higher performing teams and higher valued business. We believe leverage is the key to sustainable and scalable growth, capital and higher valuations for future successful exits.

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