You are about to experience a major pivot in your business and life. You need to rethink the direction of your company during a crisis situation. Company restructuring occurs more often than business leaders will admit. Much like retaining a therapist, privately held companies require an outside, objective advisor void of emotion, yet empathetic to leadership experiencing challenging times.
Securieon provides expertise in the following areas:
Behavioral Economics
  • Organizational Psychology
    • Preparing emotionally for hard decisions required for the benefit of business leadership, family members and stakeholders
Financial Management Pre-Crisis Advisory
  • Recapitalization
    • Improve financial stability and overhaul financial debt structure
    • Reduce financial obligations and minimize taxes
    • Facilitate and M&A exit strategy
    • Asset valuation and disposal
  • Restructuring
    • Improve finance and operational efficiencies for sustainable profitability
    • Focus on a company’s core business
    • Employee redeployment or transitioning process
  • Alternatives to Bankruptcy
    • Assignments For The Benefit of Creditors
    • Managed Liquidation
    • Debtor and Creditor Representation
  • Market Perception/Public Relations
    • Creating a positive public brand despite the crisis a company is facing
    • Crafting relevant messaging to customers, prospects, investors and employees

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