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Uncovering Value | Case Study #4

An Edema is a Bruise-Taking the Time to Really See The Root Cause of Swelling Business Issues

Business Profile

Growing multimillion dollar privately held Silicon Valley services company.


A regional private equity firm introduced Securieon into a company they felt was not ready for their investment.


Despite 7 years of consecutive top line revenue growth, gross margins were below industry standards and profitability less than stellar.


Securieon conducted an internal assessment of key leadership work styles, providing valuable management and personality insight. An additional market analysis provided insight as to metrics acceptable to private equity firms and or potential strategic acquirers.


Although Securieon accomplished leadership alignment to achieve common goals of the founder and executive team, there was an underlying issue that was lurking in the background. The company had outgrown the skillset of the founding management team. The entrepreneurial mentality of running a lean company certainly works in the startup stages, however, financial prudence can result in poor hires and antiquated infrastructure.

Securieon worked with the founder to structure a management buyout of several managers to allow for a fresh team of seasoned executives to revitalize the company. Industry metrics were implemented with accountable monthly key objectives and results for the entire company to review.

The company was successfully merged with a larger strategic acquirer within 18 months of Securieon Group’s involvement. Securieon was retained on the board of directors as well.

Collaboration Partners

Securieon retained the following resources to participate in the engagement:

  • Organizational Behaviorist, PhD
  • Interim CFO
  • Marketing and Media Advisor
  • 401k Specialist
  • Information Technology Team
  • Family Office

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