The Securieon Group is a business consulting and management advisory firm that specializes in developing and executing high performance growth strategy for each client.

We provide insightful tactics and execution for founders and/or investors who are experiencing a pivotal point in their company’s growth. Some clients need a new unbiased strategic direction and others require leadership alignment, while most require sustainable and scalable revenue growth in a competitive industry. Executed successfully, our lead-by-example business consulting and management advisory services can result in expedited organic revenue growth, stronger competitive advantage and/or preparation for merger and/or acquisitions.


Growth Strategy & Execution

The path to predictable, scalable growth strategy and competitive advantage in fast-growing and aggressive industries relies on a business understanding customers, competitors and market trends before they become commonplace. Making sound decisions in uncertain, complex situations requires unbiased advisory from seasoned, trustworthy business consulting experts like those at the Securieon Group    

Corporate Finance

Do you need a thorough assessment of your business’ financial activities and capital investment decisions? Our corporate finance and strategic planning insight will provide your organization with valuable guidance in developing a high performance growth strategy, ultimately giving your company a competitive advantage. 

Business Consulting and Management Advisory Services in California

Pre and Post Mergers and Acquisition Advisory 

When it comes to mergers and acquisitions (M&A), there are numerous considerations to take into account; this is why a pre- and post- M&A integration and advisory company like the Securieon Group is so important. Our reliable approach prevents mistakes from disrupting the deal process, and our significant transaction expertise enables us to bring a formalized process to the table, transfer our knowledge and experience from deal to deal, and implement best practices in pre- and post-M&A planning.

Organization and Transformation

High performance starts at the top, with the CEO. A leader with passion and vision will drive the culture, helping the team invest in the same vision. Our team of business consulting and management advisory experts can help assess your company’s organizational leadership and provide a thorough growth strategy to transform your business’ culture into a high-performance operation.


Company Restructuring

You are about to experience a major pivot in your business and life. You need to rethink the direction of your company during a crisis situation. Company restructuring occurs more often than business leaders will admit. Much like retaining a therapist, privately held companies require an outside, objective advisor void of emotion, yet empathetic to leadership experiencing challenging times.


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