Our collaborative team of experienced, high-energy leaders is what makes us uniquely qualified to work with your company. When it comes to business consulting and leadership advisory, our reliable expertise will position your company for predictable, scalable revenue growth and a competitive advantage at this pivotal point in your organization’s future.

Why does our team work so effectively? In addition to having a wide range of experience in management consulting, we take the time to understand your business’ current situation and goals so we can offer the best guidance possible, whether you’re looking for higher management performance, future succession planning, pre and post-mergers acquisitions (M&A) advisory or company culture integration.

Our combined expertise includes:

  • Market Analysis and Strategy
  • Revenue Growth and New Market Entry
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Organizational Behavior and Coaching
  • Pre- and Post-M&A Guidance
  • Financial Restructuring
  • Corporate Finance

We’re passionate about what we do and are committed to doing the best possible work for each and every client. Read about our background and expertise below, and please contact us to learn more about how our trustworthy business consulting and management advisory services can give your organization the competitive advantage you’re seeking!   


Constantino (Tony) Quintong Jr


Tony Quintong Jr. founded Securieon Group in 1999 after working with several venture capital firms during the dotcom growth and downturn period. Prior to Securieon, he began his management consulting career at Xerox and moved into a relatively unknown new market in the 1980s: the application software industry. Tony led the west coast operations for Computer Solutions (CS) which became PowerSoft acquired by Sybase, which he grew by more than 25 percent each year. Tony also led the revenue turn-around challenges at Convoy, a data migration company financed by several marquee venture capital companies including Draper Fisher Jurvetson and Woodside Fund.

Tony previously held board positions with CloudPhase Health, a cloud SaaS platform for Healthcare Information Technology, and is currently on the advisory board of N2M Advisory, a healthcare-focused technology marketing incubator and Asian Pacific Fund.

Tony holds a degree in Business Economics from UC Santa Barbara and an MBA with distinction from Saint Mary’s College.


Simon Nicholls

Director - Interim COO/CFO Advisory

Simon is an experienced executive director, with over 25 years of experience in large international businesses including 10 years as CFO of two UK public companies with significant operations in the US in the Aerospace & Defence industry. He is a strategic and commercially minded UK Chartered Accountant (CPA equivalent). 

Simon has a global track record in both rapid growth and distressed situations. He left “large corporate” life in 2017 and heads up Securieon’s Interim COO/CFO practice.  He now advises business owners on strategy development and how to improve operational and financial performance to create sustainably higher valued companies over the long-term.  His core skill is quickly being able to interpret financial information to diagnose key operational and financial performance issues.  He will then formulate an improvement plan that will get to the root cause and solve these issues permanently.

His passion is real Value Creation and Value Based Management. He uses a Five Pillars of Value Creation model focusing on optimization of the underlying value drivers in a business (Growth, Profitability, Cash Flow, Return on Assets, and Governance) developed from the Stern Stewart principles of Economic Value Added or EVA. He has worked in, and sat on the Boards of, various companies that have added over $2.5bn of tangible shareholder value using this methodology.

His core approach is to review, agree and if necessary refocus strategy and/or the operational agenda to formulate and drive improvements in the Five Pillars model. He then utilizes his commercial and operational business skills to execute the actions necessary to deliver positive changes in financial performance and increase the long-term market value of the company.  This business improvement agenda increases profit, frees up cash, improves cash conversion, and optimizes return on capital to enable sustained business recovery and/or optimal delivery of growth opportunities. Sustainability in improved performance is assured through implementation of best-in-class governance (including effective Enterprise Risk Management) as one of the five key pillars of true value creation.

Attributes of companies that he has seen in the type of clients he can help include:

  1. Lack of strategic plan aligning the business behind common objectives.
  2. No integrated Budget that reflects year 1 of the Strategic Plan, with limited or no clearly defined initiatives or objectives.
  3. Struggling to identify, measure and report on the handful of KPI’s (Value Drivers) that will lead to sustainable long-term success.
  4. Lack of meaningful monthly reporting focusing on the things that matter to give the management team effective insight into the true performance of the business.
  5. Struggling for cash and unable to diagnose and solve the underlying root cause of operational issues.
  6. Ineffective governance system with a lack of understanding of the value of effective performance management and Enterprise Risk Management.
  7. Lack of accountability in the management team – lots of fire-fighting as issues drift and take an unnecessarily long time and effort to resolve.

Call Simon when you or someone you know in a senior management position needs decisive help to increase company performance and the overall market value of their company either for improved cash flow or prior to an exit.


Leyla Kulyyeva

Market and Data Analyst

Leyla Kulyyeva is a business development advisor. She performs primary and secondary market research within an industry, assesses sector trends, size markets, and prepares forecasts. She has experience in marketing data analytics and development of marketing plans to reach targets from brand awareness to product promotion.

Leyla came to Securieon from Middlebury Institute of International Studies, where she earned her MBA degree. As a Fulbright Scholar, Leyla has an expertise and extensive experience in conducting in international environment.

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