Securieon Group Services

“Knowledge is Power” Sir Francis Bacon

The Securieon Group has a collective knowledge base of over 50 years of experience in multiple disciplines. Although our focus originated in technology market research, strategy development and tactical execution, we have evolved into a full-service research team of analysts with in-depth knowledge of technology, healthcare, manufacturing/distribution, retail & consumers, entertainment/media, sports and energy/utilities. The genius in our research is the ability to uncover hidden opportunities and challenges for our clients. The process is simple; the results are shocking.

Snap Shot

Your Market Today- we provide a reality check as to the current market trends and competitive threats to create a realistic outside looking in awareness of risks and rewards associated to each client’s growth strategy. We identify systemic issues that may be preventing a client from executing.

Analysis and Assessment

Your Market Tomorrow-we provide an in-depth analysis of a client’s industry and market trends. Technological advances have a drastic effect on all industries today. The ability to identify and adapt to changing market conditions is both an art and a science. The challenge is to create a cost effective strategic plan where early wins can be achieved or costly ideas can be minimized.

Lack of organizational alignment to Founder/CEO initiative is a hidden issue often masked by many years of positive company revenue performance. Can a strong economy be a major reason for company growth?

Assessing organizational culture and leadership behavior is the first step toward aligning management teams to a new growth strategy. Identifying core expertise amongst a client’s management team and assigning roles by which they can thrive is both an opportunity and a welcome challenge. 

Financial Modeling

What If Scenarios- Even the best market analysis cannot be complete without adding financial models to minimize risks. We build sophisticated financial models that are tailored to our client’s strategic goals. These tools enable evaluation of varied scenarios and can guide strategic planning for the following initiatives:


2.Growth Capital

3.Growth by Strategic Acquisitions

4.Mergers & Acquisitions 

5.Organic Growth

Innovative Strategies

Securieon Group is different- we create innovative strategies by connecting marketplace trends with specific growth initiatives.  By comparing historical data and social global trends we anticipate future realities where innovation can accelerate revenue and expand new market opportunities.

Does market research guarantee success in risk mitigation and market expansion? There are no guarantees in life. The best we can provide our clients is enough insight to make a well-educated decision and while mitigating risks.

A wild wild west attitude is clearly for high risk adverse early stage companies. We are focused on innovative approaches to well established mid-market companies who are at a pivotal point of their founder’s careers. 

“Keep in mind that failure, the final taboo in modern society is but one part of the inevitable cycle of life for those who dare to live fully and completely. Never to fail at all is to fail in the biggest way. Avoiding risk altogether, one cannot help but fall far short of what might have been.” author unknown

Growth, Profits, Scalability

Preemptive and/or Crisis Mode Companies
  • Company analysis and revenue strategy development
    • Business plan strategy
    • Infrastructure, process and people
    • Development of Market Analysis and Sustainable, Scalable Revenue Growth Strategies for higher Valuations
  • Financial review and restructuring
    • Cost Containment
    • Profitability  and Growth Capital Strategy/Execution
  • Lender/Investor Executive Summary-Short-Concise and Professionally Packaged
    • Company-Industry-Go to Market-Financials- Use of Funds
  • Merger and Acquisitions Advisory
  • Lender/Investor Connections
    • Documents and Presentations
    • Growth Capital Referrals and Meetings
    • Term Sheet Structure
Best Practices
  • Profit Mapping
  • Process efficiencies
  • Training
  • Supplemental and Interim Leadership Expertise
  • CEO
  • COO
  • CFO
  • VP Business Development
  • VP Sales
  • VP HR
  • VP Technology
  • VP Innovation
  • VP Customer Services