Top Line Growth. Bottom Line Results.

Maximizing revenues in a dynamically changing economy.

Complex financial issues create uncertainty

We provide clarity.

Sound, thoughtful guidance can transform.

Creating effective strategies & solutions can transform your business.

Sound, thoughtful guidance can transform.

Creating effective strategies & solutions can transform your business.

Welcome to Securieon Group

Securieon Group is a mid-market advisory firm primarily focused on increasing market value for our clients. The basic premise of our service is to maximize revenue opportunities in a dynamically changing economy. Through a series of proven steps, processes and executable tactics our clients can sustain a competitive advantage, impact their client experience and identify new growth strategies with one goal in mind; sustainable top line revenue growth.

Our business model is to provide management consulting for companies experiencing a loss in market share, revenue and or profits. We identify the true value of a company in terms of intellectual property or assets not being fully utilized.

Clients are typically in one of three modes:

1. Preemptive

A company is considering new growth opportunities or to validate a growth strategy prior to investing in a new market. Revenue may be flat or slow to scale. We also provide strategic and presentation advice for clients who are looking for investor fundraising.

2. Best Practices

A company is looking for ideas to increase profitability through efficiency improvements. Think Lean for an entire company regardless of departments and silos.

3. Crisis

A company is experiencing a consistent loss (three quarters or more) in revenue and or profits. Founders and executive leadership cannot apply the original strategies that built the company in today’s competitive market. The recession and tumultuous economy continues to drain the company’s limited financial runway. Investor/Banking fatigue may also prompt immediate changes.

Clients often believe they are in a Preemptive mode when in reality they are in a Crisis situation. In some cases the client is experiencing both modes simultaneously. We identify the intellectual property or true value of a company and consider equity and or percentage of revenue achieved in additional to our project fees. Much like McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group or Bain, Securieon provides the analysis and insight to identify the systemic issues affecting a company’s ability to execute at a high performance. Company wide high alignment equates to improved profitable revenue contribution from all departments.

Our three major differentiators are:

1. Insightful analysis by core industry experts: Executable high performance revenue strategies

2. Lead by example team of experienced consultants who actually execute strategies we develop

3. Business Owners/Leaders that need to make changes to survive

Ideal Securieon clients are non-emotional decision makers and include: 

  • Founders who act with a Tremendous Sense of Urgency
  • Management planning for a Management Buy Out or Growth by Acquisition
  • Interim leadership-CEOs. CFOs and CPAs
  • VCs and Private Equity
  • Professional leadership as CEO, VPs, CFOs outside of the founder/family
  • Professional Service Providers outside of the founder/family




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