The Securieon Group is proud to be associated with
the following outstanding alliances:

Juan Ramon Zarco 

Mergers & Acquisition Private Equity  
Managing Director, Magellan International

Juan is a Merger and Acquisition consultant and an experienced senior manager. As CxO, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary to public and private companies with global operations in over 40 countries. Throughout his career, he has established a verifiable track record of producing fast paced and practical revenue-focused solutions, and formulated costs reduction programs across the board.  
Juan has worked in the following industries: IT, telecom, medical devices, data storage, energy - traditional and renewable, and media. In Private Equity, Juan worked with Pegasus in international investment deals and interim President for portfolio companies - Data Foundation, a data storage company, handling marketing, strategy, fund raising, and accounting and Medical Devices affiliated with Johns Hopkins. Before Pegasus, Juan as CLO and V.P. of Corporate Development played a principal role in the structuring, international expansions for 2 telecom companies, U.S. Cable Group and Viatel, Inc. in financing and M&A deals exceeding $200 million.

Juan Zarco earned a J.D. from NYU Law School, M.B.A. from Cornell, and B.A. from Williams College; is fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, French, and German, with working knowledge of Russian, Arabic and Japanese.

Herman White

Venture Capital-Investment Banking- Financing 
Affiliate Principal, Securieon Group

Herman White is a senior executive with 20 years of diversified financial services experience targeted towards the emerging growth technology industry. He has extensive knowledge of the emerging technology industry, venture capital, corporate finance, due diligence, valuation analysis, investment management, and banking industries. Mr. White has a proven track record in fund formation, fund raising, corporate development, underwriting, portfolio management, and approving investments and loans.  
His leadership experience includes strong collaborative management skills in aligning company strategy, defining business objectives, engaging strategic partners, mentoring and coaching staff, and achieving revenue targets. White has the ability to leverage internal and external partner opportunities to facilitate collaboration and optimize performance. White’s international business experience has taken him throughout Asia, Europe, and the Persian Gulf.

Mr. White is a frequent speaker at conferences on the financial services industry, venture capital, entrepreneurship, fund raising, due diligence, start-ups, and alternative sources of funding.

Herman earned his BA in Economics from The University of Utah and an MBA, International Banking & Finance From Thunderbird School of Global Management.

Frumi Rachel Barr  

CEO Coach, Advisor and Confidante  
The Frumi Group

Frumi’s Why is to inspire leaders to look to the future, take decisive action and maintain momentum to build sustainable organizations. She creates a safe environment for leaders and their teams to talk about what really matters. Indeed, when clients work with Frumi they can expect a positive “Frunami”. Leaders spend focused attention on finding their personal Why, and then aligning their own CPW (Cause, Purpose or Why) to that of their organization. Frumi inspires leaders to rediscover the strengths and values that energize them so that they in turn can renew their colleagues, employees, and business operations.

Frumi is a strong Champion of best selling author Simon Sinek’s Start with Why movement. Simon says Frumi makes his Why come alive by guiding leaders, their teams and their companies to implement their Why.

As the CEO of 3 businesses and CFO of 2, Frumi Rachel Barr is no stranger to acknowledging every detail that makes a company function. It is this awareness of complete team performance that has made her focus on helping top CEOs and executives conquer the challenges of self expression and team communication.

Frumi is highly educated with an MBA and a PhD in Business Administration, and numerous certification in EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and Conflict Resolution and Mediation. Being the mother of four in addition to juggling a full time career, she has mastered the art of communication and mediation. She prides herself on being the source in the room all can trust and count on to solve inner team conflict. Frumi is able to unveil the real truths that plague many business environments from moving forward toward success.

Frumi has served with the honorable title of Past President of the Professional Coaching and Mentors Association and has served on numerous boards. She is also the author of Confessions of a Resilient Entrepreneur and A CEO’s Secret Weapon: How to Accelerate Success.

Glenn G Baker, CPA, MBA

Financial Modeling/Interin CFO-Lean Stage Companies 
Principal, Globe Matrix Consulting

Glenn G. Baker is a graduate of Hartwick College, and holds an MBA in International Business and Entrepreneurship from Thunderbird, School of Global Management. He is also a Certified Public Accountant.

In the mid-late’90s, Mr. Baker served as Director of Finance for a Life Science Venture Capital firm backed by Harvard Medical School. During his tenure, Mr. Baker developed the firm’s Consulting Department. In 1998, he founded Globe Matrix Consulting as a spin-off of the Consulting Department.

The initial focus of Globe Matrix Consulting was in providing accounting/finance services to incubators/start-ups funded by Venture Capital firms. Services soon expanded, with Mr. Baker serving as Interim Director of Finance for several
reputable Venture Capital firms and their Portfolio Companies, along with
working on turnaround engagements.

Mr. Baker enjoys applying his unique business and finance knowledge with his extensive formal training to help clients improve their financial operations. He regularly builds sophisticated, interactive Financial Models that enable better decision-making at the executive level.

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