Frequently Asked Questions

The Securieon Group prepares the most challenging client for an exit event, while maximizing owner/stakeholder compensation now and over the next 3 to 5 years. We are a management advisory firm, working hands on with early-to-mid stage companies planning to improve the value of their organization through a comprehensive suite of services focused on sustainable growth strategies, execution, drop in management, realignment and growth capital.

Growth, Profits, Scalability

Securieon is a management advisory firm primarily focused on sustaining and scaling a company’s profitable revenue performance. Our roots are deep in revenue strategy, sales execution, operational efficiencies and innovation. Our efforts are measured on sound financial acumen. (Based on what? Team, experience, track record)


We are a hybrid between traditional growth management consulting and M&A Advisory. 80% of our clients require a new sustainable and scalable growth strategy due to founder or investor fatigue. An accountant of finance driven consulting firm is not a growth focused service. Most approach profitable growth to cost cutting. You can only cut so much until you have to reinvest time, training and money back into the company to achieve sustainable and scalable growth.

All of our clients have three common traits:

Compelling personal or family challenges to resolve

          o Succession to a family member or key executives

          o Personal health challenges

          o Family conflict

Compelling financial objectives to achieve

          o Capital Infusion required for company to grow

          o Founder or Investor Fatigue

          o Founder needs some liquidity now with an eventual
              exit planned

          o Retirement

A sense of urgency exists

         o Commitment to exit company in less than three years

         o Market valuations are high

         o Immediate liquidity required

The only time to bring in Securieon is when two of the three common traits are being experienced by the client

Success for Securieon is when a client can attest to meeting their personal and financial objectives as a result of insightful guidance and execution having worked with Securieon.

We see business brokers claiming to be M&A experts. We encounter accountants masquerading as consultants claiming to have a proprietary process as part of their value proposition.

We are not transactional business brokers looking for a quick sale of a client’s assets.

We are foremost management advisors who work with privately held companies experiencing a pivotal point in their history. Typical challenges:

  • Drop in revenue
  • Loss of market share
  • Innovative road map required
  • Founder fatigue
  • Banker fatigue
  • Investor fatigue
  • Succession planning for the next generation of family business leadership
  • Company valuation requires immediate improvement
  • Operational efficiency lacking
  • Sales execution is moderate to poor
  • Supplemental hands on leadership valued

 We are advisors for the longevity of our client’s company. We work hands on with privately held companies to assist in achieving higher valuation of a client’s business. 

Pre-Acquisition preparation begins well in advance of an actual acquisition. Defining the objectives of the founder and original stakeholders (family members, investors) is critical to determining the terms and conditions acceptable to the seller.

The following scenarios can impact what happens when the company is acquired:

  • Structure of the acquisition will have tax implications to the seller
  • Employment agreements specific to how long the founder wants or needs to stay with the company must be mutually acceptable
  • Should key employees be required to stay, the seller must consider employment agreements be in order to protect and incentivize key executives and managers to stay during and after the acquisition
  • If an earn out of the founder is required, the terms must be modeled in advance to cover possible financial and tax consequences
  • Succession planning for select family members involved in the company is a serious consideration for founders of family businesses
  • Announcement of the acquisition must be planned and company culture taken into account

In essence, what happens after a company is acquired is influenced by how well the M&A advisory team of Management Consultants, CPAs, Attorneys and Wealth Managers have planned for the protection of the founder’s objectives.