Preparing your company for a scalable and executable growth strategy starts with an end goal in mind. A 3 to 5 year plan by the founders, investors and stakeholders requires a discussion on a succession event. Once a financial goal is established the Securieon Group can create realistic growth and profit strategies involving analyzing market trends, infrastructure support, organizational team assessment, visibility tools/applications, process implementation and milestone achievements to identify financial risk. Unless a strategic and scalable succession plan is identified, the firm will simply create band aid solutions that are not in alliance with maximum valuation and stakeholder ROI.

Scalability is a characteristic of a system. Followed methodically should deliver consistent results. However conditions can change and even for the most experienced executive. Unforeseen obstacle can alter the path of any goal oriented individual. Making the right pivot point can expedite ones climb. Selecting the wrong path can result in a serious setback.


Most business models will work until something disruptive occurs. Mike Tyson the infamous world champion boxer was quoted as stating "Everyone has a plan till they get punched in the mouth."  Eloquent; no! Accurate; yes!

The challenge is to scale a business with a process that is capable to cope and perform under an increased and expanding workload. A company’s process that scales well will be able to deliver consistent levels of high performance regardless of operational demands. Much like climbing a mountain, Founders or CEOs must have guidance from proven experts who have experienced the same challenges in scaling their businesses.

The Securieon Group prepares the most challenging client for an assent that will improve market share scalability which in turn maximizes owner/stakeholder value.  How?  We are a management advisory firm comprised of fellow executives, who have failed, regrouped, learned from our mistakes, created new strategies and executed quickly. Unlike retired executives looking satisfy some boredom, or coaches who pontificate on some business school theory, we take a different approach. We take equity in companies that must scale and avoid those who have no sense of urgency to ascend their next mountain of opportunity.

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