What is Securieon Group?

Whether the state of the global economy is a boom or bust, we are tasked with surviving and thriving as business owners, executive leadership, investors and lenders. A basic lesson learned from any economic downturn is what ever got you here today will not get you through 2017 and beyond. It’s a paradigm shift with a new economy you must embrace to survive. You can forget about living on your laurels or plodding along hoping things will turn around in your favor. Hope is not an executable strategy.

The Securieon Group prepares the most challenging client for an exit event, while maximizing owner/stakeholder compensation now and over the next 3 to 5 years. We are a management advisory firm, working hands on with early-to-mid stage companies planning to improve the value of their organization through a comprehensive suite of services focused on sustainable growth strategies, execution, drop in management, realignment and growth capital.

We provide a TOTAL SOLUTION for Business Succession in Pre/Post M&A, Pre-Management Buy-Out, and Family Business Transition scenarios.

Our clients range in size depending on industry, but typically fall into $10MM to $100MM plus in annual revenue and a minimum EBITDA of $1million.

Our Mission: Increase enterprise valuation and operational efficiency to prepare companies for a transitional event, while maximizing owner compensation prior to and well after a sale. 

Our focus is on Growth, Profits, Scalability